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Determine CFD position size based on CFD risk %

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Enter data into the gold cells and click on the       button.

Personal float size   The amount of actual money you are starting with or would have available if you sold all your share CFDs
Risk % chosen The risk % you have chosen and is typically 1 - 2% and for aggressive traders as high as 5%
Risk $ therefore 0Amount you will risk in a trade
Expected entry price Price you expect to pay/ hope to pay
Expected stop loss price Price you expect your stop loss to be set at ie your point of selling the share CFD
Risk per share 0 $This is the amount you are risking on each share CFD
Position size - Number of shares to buy 0Calculation of how many shares to buy at the Expected Entry price.
Position size - Amount invested in the trade 0 $Purchase price and therefore exposure to market. If the product you purchase only has a 10% margin requirement, you buy $3,600 worth, but only $360 would be allocated in your account as margin
Margin rate applicable to product %Margins required to hold a position are typically from 1% - 50%
Margin used in transaction 0 $This is the margin amount allocated to hold the trade. Your total exposure is higher than this

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